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Yes, the challenge is usually that they wait around right up until you're hooked, then intentionally provoke dischord wiht your beliefs and thus with your family, etcetera… They explicity assure To not do Precisely what they do..

Very good for them. It’s very good to find out persons exercising their appropriate to select what religion to follow/affiliate marketers with in place of carrying out whats well known.

“Excellent catch”? Christ, Jeez, thank God that I can differentiate the nuances of language as well as the major and slight importances of life as an alternative to get things actually as Krista and Pink Legs do.

I thought LRH wasn’t lifeless, but just on An additional world continuing his perform….so He's lifeless and resting in peace?

But all this is simply the precursor to the bombs that are dropped by Hubbard within the OT levels. This is when the REAL revelation about how other religions ought to be viewed is laid down given that the law of scientology. The key materials of OT III leave undoubtedly.

Mike as The brand new 12 months causes it to be’s physical appearance,you have this kind of profound & properly published piece on Ron and his Game.It really made me have a look at some incredibly common images from several years back in An additional brighter mild.Ron just cherished his individual viewpoint a great deal he was ready to sacrifice quite a few on his altar.My to start with months in Sea Org @ Asho File,no-a single rather understood wherever To place me.So Apart from jogging the folding device Yikes! I also acquired to accomplish special drills scientology beliefs on death considering I'd Considerably catching up to carry out acquiring not been in org or mission prior.At one particular stage a GO/ Data was the Org board title but browse Intelligence stopped by wherever I had been in a course desk and basically said,Two points Ann.

God bless you for this comment, it amazes me to no close how the media has produced a destructive frenzy about this religion and almost Every person received carried away hook line and sinker. I am a hundred% christian, but also open minded. I view religion has a cube with the Solar shining on it and guy on leading a hill.

I have been a Scientologist for more than thirty decades and I am African American. Scientology continues to be of great assist to me. L. Ron Hubbard was an excellent scientology beliefs summary philosopher who uncovered a practical way to help you people today increase earlier mentioned the issues from the physical world and their very own mental and spiritual obstacles. The persons outlined in this post must Provide you some indication of how Scientology helps. Just one of numerous L. Ron Hubbard’s enduring legacies was The truth that he served many countless numbers from all walks of life, to acquire off and remain off drugs. He was also incredibly vocal in his criticism about the damaging effects of psychiatric “treatments”, like their drugs, on a person,physically, mentally and spiritually.

Based on Wright during the movie, when there were rumors of Travolta desirous to depart Scientology, the Church developed a "black PR package deal" that has "all the harmful product" from his private auditing periods.

Scientologists, Celebrities and dumb scientology beliefs PR spokespeople dish up this line routinely to help make them selves seem benign and unthreatening.

Scientology likes to tell people that it is suitable with other religions, and you don’t have to leave your present religion to join Scientology.

He goes into much more depth inside a lecture he shipped in 1968. He is conveying further the content of these “picture implants”

This post wasn't LRH taken away from context. That is exactly what he intended, and exactly what scientologists know is true.

It’s hilarious to me the volume of Christians and Muslims who criticize Scientology as crazy bullisht. It truly is crazy bullisht, but check on your own. The major religions from the world aren’t A great deal saner, and haven’t finished the masses far better. SMH.

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